Check out the CropBytes app with an all-new UI!

Portfolio & Funds 💼

Your estimated portfolio value will always stay on-screen, while on-tap, you can view your wallet balance and the amount of CropBytes Game Coins you own.

Action Menu 🎮

Get easy access to visit the Barn, Shop, Mill, and Exchange. All the assets you own are in your barn and some more exciting collectibles await you in the Shop.

Main Menu ⚙

This is your one-stop destination to explore, play, and invite your friends to the game. You can also access your profile and game settings here.

How to play 🧐

The How to play section has videos and quick three-step instructions for all game activities. Simply browse & learn! There’s a lot more in there to explore & learn, get started now!


You can now directly access the shop to buy seeds & packs. Just tap the shop icon in the action menu.

Buy & Sell

To buy, sell and trade your assets and produce with co-players, Click the exchange icon and head to the CropBytes Exchange.




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CropBytes Farmer

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