Month in Review | Mar 2021

What happened at CropBytes in March 2021

Hey Farmers,
We’re just 3 months in 2021 and mainstream adoption is on the rise!

You can now buy a Tesla, tickets to a Mavericks game, and soo much more with your crypto!

Bitcoin’s new ATH is $64,805 & Doge is now worth over $50.1Billion,5th in market cap! Meanwhile, financial institutions & governments are now working on reforms for adoption.

NFT & crypto gaming are in the limelight right now and we can expect a lot of action in these segments in the months to come.

Let’s take a look at the developments in March 2021

Markets Launched 🚀

Visit the CropBytes Exchange to see all the markets.

Releases ✅

  • Fishing mini-game: The fishing mini-game is live, The current version features an awesome arcade-style single-player gaming experience. Multi-player fishing coming soon 🎣,
  • Power implementation: Power implemented for Wind Turbines & Solar Panels
  • GC Conversion: GC conversion structure added to the farm.
  • History: Grinding fee history added.
  • New feeding UI

Fixes ⚙

  • Bug fixes
  • Trading page fixes
  • App optimization.

What we’re building [Ongoing] 👨‍💻

  • Implementing additional use case for water.
  • Enabling feeding & produce for GC assets.
  • Feed history page.
  • Multi-player fishing.

Some highlights✨

  • Total users over 40,000.
  • Play Store rating over 4 stars.
  • Game Coins (GC) reached its new ATH at $0.08
  • Mill sold for 50500 TRX

We have more awesome releases lined up, stay tuned to our Telegram channel & join our Telegram community for more.

Keep playing and earning!

Team CropBytes

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